Code of Conduct Rules and Policies

» No smoking in studio or lounge. Smoking is permitted outside only.

» Please close all doors behind you.

» Food and drink are encouraged to be consumed in the lounge. Food and drink may be brought into the lounge and must be kept away from the recording studio and all equipment.

» Please place your unwanted trash in receptacles provided.

» It is recommended that only individuals essential to the recording be present during the booked time.

» No loitering outside. No noise or rowdy behavior. Please be respectful of neighborhood and surroundings.

» The use of illegal substances is prohibited in the studio.

» Do not lean chairs back against the wall.

» Do not put feet on any equipment.

» Handle all equipment with care.

» Do not adjust microphone yourself, ask engineer for help.

» Two hour booking minimum.

» The clock starts at the time your session was booked for and ends as scheduled. If you are late we will not go over time and you are responsible for all payment of booked time.

» 24 hours prior cancellation notice required (we prefer 48 hours)

* Thank you for your cooperation *