RedVelvet Music Studio is a full-service recording studio

Anyone with a crusty old cassette player can see that the music industry is constantly evolving. But for many musicians, the ways in which they handle their livelihood has remained stagnant. That’s why we’re here. Whether you’re new to the industry or pursuing your longtime dream of plunging into a career as a fulltime musician, RedVelvet Music Studio is your Spirit Guide for professional music development.

Our mission is to provide the guidance and means for musicians to succeed in a career path in the arts. Based in the core of New York’ trendy, graffiti-decorated Deep Ellum, we’re more than just a recording studio. We’re the premier hub for a community of musicians who gather, collaborate and exchange ideas for musical inspiration. Stop in and enjoy our comfortable couches, Wi-Fi-connected lounge, Apple’s newest gems and adjustable color LED lighting for customized settings in our studios (yes, you can belt tunes while bathed in purple light, if that’s your thing).

Our expertise is rooted in experience. The music industry is constantly morphing, and with it, best business practices. Our extensive understanding of launching strategic marketing plans, releasing singles and working with graphic designers and merchandisers helps our musicians accelerate their creative careers. Through personalized consulting, we offer serious musicians the tools, resources and know-how to grow their profession.